Thursday, November 12, 2009

new pjs for All

Jammie pants are one of the easiest things to sew. Bee and I have matching pj pants made from a garage sale find sheet. Not bad for 25 cents.

Bee took some pictures of the making of this project. It looks like it might have happened in August because of the cardboard boxes in the background. That's probably right- sewing is better than unpacking.
Made like all the other pants in the house, traced from an existing pair. 

Here's Lou showing off some uber comfy pants made from a shirt of my Grandpas.
I used the collar in my Kelly Halloween costume and got a pair of Lou sized pants out of the rest.

These are the softest pants ever!

Here are my favorite ones! They are cozy flannel with pockets inspired from Made. I'm making some aprons from this fabric. The oldest of my two little sisters picked out the combination, she's so good at colors.


Dad said...

I just bought some pajamma pants similar to what you made. I wish that mine had elastic around the bottem. I have a lady in the community that I'll take them to. See you in two weeks.

Love Always

Lisa said...

LOVE the pockets!! They all look so comfy!

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