Wednesday, November 11, 2009

knitting a felted wool bag- progressive #1

My aunt makes the cutest (and rather impressive) felted wool bags. I spied her bags and asked tons of questions.

first day: I have the supplies and and on my way. Good grief, I think this is going to take all winter! Knitting in the round needles are required, and 100% wool.

First weekend:

It's just a knit stitch with 2 strands, although at some point I got turned backwards and went the wrong direction. Now, I have pearl stitch for the first several rows and knit from there on out. I think it will turn out ok, especially since it's on the bottom. I started with brown. It's 120 stitches cast(ed) on. Is there a past tense of cast?

End of week 1:

After brown, I switched to cream, then to grey. Can you say fall and winter bag? I used the Paton wool yarn and got mine from Joanns.

End of week 2:

Brown, cream, grey, cream, black, grey, cream

I went ahead and sewed the bottom shut on my sewing machine and also sewed in corners. I didn't do my corners the way it was suggested, but rather how I do them on my tote bags. I hope I don't regret that when it's felting time. I went ahead and did this so that it could hold my yarn while I was working, also it helped me to visualize a finished bag.

End of week 3: My hands cramp up and fall asleep just looking at it. That's normal, right?

I have been having several etsy orders and am dealing with some probable carpal tunnel. I am going to have to finish up a little slower now. I will post a second post soon with the finished bag and the making of the straps and possibly a pocket. Hopefully this wrist thing will get better on it's own or at least hold off awhile longer. It's something that has come and gone since I was pregnant with Bee. Pregnancy does such lovely things to the body.


grandma said...

Those bags are nice. I have been looking for a bag that is brown, black and navy. I know it doesn't sound pretty and that is probably why I don't find one. I just hate to change things in a purse to leave the house. Lazy??? Your colors are pretty.

Dad said...

I've had carpel tunnel in both wrists. Have splints that I wore at night(prior to surgery). You are welcome to them. Of course I didn't throw them away. There's still useable. I'll bring them next week. Maybe they'll help. I'll try to remember how to tell if it's carpel tunnel. It depends on which fingers are going numb.

Aunt Donna said...

Love the colors and the width of stripes! I don't think that it will be a problem that you switched from knit to purl, especially if you felt it until the stitches are tight. Did I mention that it seems to shrink more in height than width? Not a lot... every bag seems to turn out differently. Can't wait to see the finished product, but rest your weary hands :)

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