Friday, November 27, 2009

a friend of the squirrels?

We have been feeding more than the birds and squirrels. I wondered who was raiding the compost pile at night. He also has figured out how to open the box we keep the corn in. I hope the squirrels have another source this winter. Ours isn't going to last long.

The cats have been going wild at night. We finally figured out why. This guy was right on the back steps teasing the cats through the french doors. He might be a friend of the squirrels, they seem like they might hang with a rough crowd.

On another note, we enjoyed the local zoo a week ago or so. I just wanted to share this picture. I think you'll see why. Also interesting, Lou got bit by a goat. He was fine. Luckily the skin wasn't broken, I think mostly because he had a long sleeve shirt on. He is still upset when we talk about goats.

The zoo has a smooshed penny machine (or elongated coins if you want to do it right) and as luck would have it, we had just enough change for two pennies. The collection is growing!

Lastly, hubby insisted that I share these two photos. This is a master garden from the Purdue University program. He thinks it's funny since that's where the oldest of my two little sisters goes to school (although not in the agriculture program). The garden is pretty sad. I guess that's what made it funny.


Melissa said...

hehe...that garden DOES have pretty flowers in the spring and summer.

Anonymous said...

Cousin M loved the smashed pennies and has a book that her's went in to. She has several. It is a good collecting project.

It was great seeing you for Thanksgiving!

Love Always,

Aunt Donna said...

I love the picture of the children walking hand in hand. Cherish this time, because it goes by much too quickly...

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