Sunday, November 15, 2009

brown paper package exchange

I am participating in the brown paper package gift exchange. I have my persons name and some information about them, now I just need to decide what to send! I have until Christmas, but things get so busy in my shop at Christmas time, so I need to have it done before Thanksgiving.

Here's what goes in the package: (from Max and Ellie)

What Goes In The Package:
--A little something for the taste buds: a traditional holiday treat and the recipe if you go the homemade route. I am of the opinion that homemade is preferable, but if you don't cook, feel free to buy something special. Also keep in mind that whatever you make/buy has to travel well.
--A little holiday something for the home. Some ideas include decorations, ornaments, candles, soaps, etc. Again, handmade would be awesome; store-bought can be awesome too.
--A little something for your partner. See above for the handmade vs. store-bought scale of awesomeness.
--Anything else you want to include!!
--Wrap the individual items beautifully. Beautiful doesn't have to mean fancy.
--The outside of the whole thing has to be brown paper. Interpret as you will.

I know what homemade treat to include, but other than that, I am clueless. I know that I'll come up with something. I am a little nervous about the packaging since that's the theme of the exchange.

I have a link to her blog and etsy shop and while I am not suppose to reveal who it is until after I have sent it, I see that we have a few things in common, one of those being a love for a certain vampire.

unrelated photos: Here are the pretty trees on a recent road trip I took with the kids to see an old friend and a new baby.

One of the trees in our backyard: The big trees are one of the 10 things I really like about our house. The neighbors say I will be cursing the tress when the ice comes and we have branches and sticks everywhere.

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Dad said...

I can see you having your little one picking up sticks to make craft projects, or a fire to cook marshmellows. Or how about we see how tall of a pile we can make before it falls over, or let's see if it can be higher than the house. Work can be fun!