Friday, November 6, 2009

Good buys

We had a great day of good buys. Actually, our first was a freebie. This morning when we dropped off our paper recycling, I spied several rolls of white butcher paper. I asked if they were up for grabs and sure enough they were. I scored 8 rolls of white paper. There are some projects in our future. Can you believe someone would just get rid of rolls of paper? It's good they didn't' trash them, but why not drop them off at a preschool or camp or something?

After dropping Bee off at preschool, Lou and I hit the local thrift store to search out a red hat and green t-shirt for a special Handy Manny costume.

They had a whole case of Vera Bradley and Coach bags! I scored a classic black jewelry case for $2.50, green apple luggage tag for $1.50, a Chelsea Green cosmetic bag for $4.00, and a sherbet hobo bag for $19.00. I'll be wrapping these up for myself for Christmas. I might keep one out to enjoy now.


Chris said...

Score! The Vera pieces look like they are in great condition too!

Grandma said...

Can you go back and see if they have one for me. Navy would be nice.

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

that is a great steal!!! I can't believe someone would donate them in such good condition.

Carole Davids said...

Was this at the place we talked about the other day? I am so jealous! I love the Bucket tote.

Anonymous said...

Check with local newspapers. They do not want the rolls to run out. It means they have to shut down production and spend time refeeding everything. When the rolls of paper get small, they replace them. They might be happy to give them to you.

Love Always,

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