Wednesday, November 25, 2009

little something for the teacher

Whenever Bee is the leader at school, we like to take in a little something for her teachers. We have been so blessed this year with the teachers she has and the staff at her preschool. teaching isn't an easy job by far and these ladies sure need to be treated well.

The first time we took in these water bottles. This time, we took some bags of granola. I used our regular granola recipe and packaged them up as I saw somewhere online. I know I bookmarked it, but I can't find the link, I'm pretty sure it was the same site where I got the idea for the water bottles. Anyway, they are in plastic baggies- I had some larger bags from the candy making/cake decorating isle, maybe from Michael's or Joann's. I folded the top down a little since they are a little long. Pieces of scrapbook paper folded over the tops of the baggie get stapled on. I added the ingredients on the back since the granola does contain lots of different ingredients and you never know what food might make some get all hivey.

This would make a cute gift for neighbors or colleagues with really any homemade treat inside. The ones I saw online had cookies inside and the front said "You are sweet."


grandma said...

Very nice gift. That is a good idea for Sunday School teachers, also.

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!

See you later tonight.

Love Always,


Susan Seger said...

This granola is so yummy! I am going to get the recipe right now! Thanks so much for it Beth and Hannah :)

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