Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey day dress and sweater dress

I have outlawed Bee's favorite dress until warm weather returns. It's too summery but it is her favorite. It was decided (by all parties involved) that she needed a fallish version. We picked out the green and mustard floral first and then found 4 other fabrics to coordinate. I had the red at home from a friend who couldn't find a use for it. (thanks M!)

First, I made a lined top section that ties at the shoulders.

I cut the fabrics in 6 inch strips and sewed all of those together.

Then I cut that in 6 inch strips and sewed them in a long chain. I used my ruffle foot and sewed the layers to each other for the skirt.

It's pretty full. I think she could go square dancing!

She loves it! She saved it for her class Thanksgiving party and then for Thanksgiving day.

This next dress really turned out to be more of a top for Bee. I had this pretty angora Ann Taylor loft sweater that was a little too short. I picked it up for $1 at a yard sale this past summer. I did wear it a time or two when the weather was warmer, but the sleeves just weren't long enough to be a warm sweater.

I cut it all to pieces along the original seams. the neck opening was a nice size for Bee, which was lucky. I just shortened the length from neck to shoulder and the width and length of the length of the body and the sleeves.

I was even able to use some of the width of the body to make a little belt. It didn't turn out long enough to be a dress, but it makes a cute top for her. She doesn't like the belt at all but will wear the sweater since I showed her one in the store window at Justice. They are showing long sweaters this season, and while we don't shop there yet, she does like to look in the windows at the mall.


Unknown said...

Super cute!!

grandma said...

I like the brown shirt with the party dress, also. I was happy to see how you did the skirt. I was thinking they were cut in seperate squares and then you sewed them together. You are so clever. I do everything the hard way.

Chris said...

she looked adorable in the dress on thursday. i'll let bee know when i'm ready to order mine - she's ready to take the order!

zakkalife said...

Great idea with the sweater. It looks so contemporary and cute!