Friday, November 13, 2009

2 easy cut kid projects

These two projects were made in the same day at two different events. What a funny coincidence.

At library time, we made this 2 cut cat:
1. start with a folded piece of paper that is slightly narrower than a sheet of paper
2. Draw an oval at the open side and a smaller shape at the bottom (see pic)
3. cut on lines
4. Glue on head and tail
5. Draw on face
He could also be a fox, don't you think?

At preschool Ee week, Bee brought home this elephant:
1. start with a piece of construction paper.
2. Cut a strip off the long side about 1 1/2 inch- fold in half
3. Cut the same oval out of the open side
4. Cut long strip in half. curl up strip. Glue on for nose and tail
5. decorate face and toes

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Dad said...

Very cool!