Saturday, November 28, 2009

Art from an apple crate

I have had these apple crates for several years. I'm pretty sure that I got them from my dad, but it has been awhile. I used to have them, intact, on top of my kitchen cabinets. At some point, I took the fronts off and spray sealed them. They have been hanging in a dining room or kitchen for about 7 years.

This is my favorite part. I was so sad when a piece of the Indian picture chipped away.

When Lou was first born and I was looking for indoor projects for myself since either Bee or Lou was asleep almost all day. I took the sides of the crates apart and reassembled them the other direction. I searched online for some beachy signs I liked and used those as inspiration for my two beach signs.

They are in our living room with some of the other beacy projects, like the shell frame.

I found couch pillows that match the signs really well. They were cheaper than if I had made them myself. I should have bough a few more, but only bought 4. Looking at the couches just now reminds me that we could sure use some new couches. How did these get so filthy? Maybe they just need slipcovers. I'm sensing a large after Christmas project!

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