Tuesday, November 10, 2009

making a shadow box frame-

During my recent bathroom makeover I went looking for a cheap shadow box frame and was unsuccessful. I searched garage sales and thrift stores. My budget was low and I wanted to save my money for new towel bars. I grabbed these two old frames that we found in the attic when we moved in (along with bags of fast food meals which would explain the bugs and mice!).

I removed the mats and prints. One frame got to keep it's glass and other got to keep it's cardboard back piece.
The cardboard just need decorated now. I added a piece of blue scrapbook paper, a picture and a few shell stickers.

I didn't add ribbon to mine (yet- this green doesn't match and I haven't picked any more up ribbon), but I do like the looks of a ribbon on the edge.

Last, add your 3-d items and use some wood glue to secure it all together, with the glass holding frame on top and the picture one on the bottom. If you were picky, you could use some dry wall compound to seal the edges where the two frames meet and then repaint the frames. Otherwise, you can see the seem where the two frames sit together on the sides.

This looks nice in my newly painted bathroom. I am on the lookout now some some similar frames to make something fun for Bee's room.


Anonymous said...

You can also use toothpaste to fill cracks so that you don't have to buy drywall "mud".

It looks very cool!

Love Always,


Kelly said...

I absolutely love this project! I may have a shadowbox project in mind that you can help me with...

Anonymous said...

OMG...why didn't I think of this....I have been searching for a shadow box for so long and can't find one, thank you, Toni