Saturday, August 1, 2009

You know there's trouble when....

You know there's trouble when...... there's a naked boy in your pantry.

It seems Lou is experimenting with peeing in different places. He potty trained himself about two weeks after his 2nd birthday. I wasn't planning on pushing him at all, especially with our planned travel in late June and then our move in early August. One morning he woke up and said, "no diapers, I undies". We haven't looked back. I've already sold our old cloth diapers on craigslist! It is freeing not washing diapers every other day!

Anyway, when I told him that he could pee outside on a tree I think the wheels started turning in his head. The past two days he has stripped down and peeded somewhere new, like on the polly pocket car or on the stairway wall. Today after he did it on the kitchen floor, I think he realized that it was a mistake and he was probably getting in trouble. So, hiding seemed like a good answer. silly guy.

ohhhh the boxes are everywhere, don't get me started!

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Lesia said...

chunjI remember when his uncle David played boat and decided he could pee off his bunkbed into his blue carpet the "ocean"

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