Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's too late

It's too late... I let him taste pop. I don't normally drink pop or keep any in the house, but I picked up some root beer to make ice cream floats. I made the mistake of letting Lou taste some of the root beer. This screaming episode is what followed when I wouldn't let him have more. He spent 30 minutes camped out in front of the fridge.

He is holding a blue cup that he got out of a box himself. He's crying, "pop- I need pop." He pulled up a chair to help reach the handle and to be prepared to wait it out.

I know, it wasn't very sensitive of me to take photos when he was so upset, but I thought it was so funny. He even banged his cup back and forth across the handle like a prisoner in a movie would bang his cup across the bars. I did not give in, and I will remember not to let him know about any future pop.


Melissa said...

You are SO TALENTED! I love looking through at all the wonderful things you make!

I also wanted to write because I need to get your new address. I have a thank you card sitting here on my table and I want to be sure it finds it's way to you. I've been looking through my inbox of my email and can't seem to find anything. If you could just email it over when you get a second, that would be great!

Hope you all are enjoying the new place!!!! Missing you here! xoxo Melissa

Anonymous said...

There are some things that adults do after the kids have gone to bed-

Love Always,


Amanda Pedro said...

too funny. the 2nd kid always gets things at an earlier age than the older one in this house. We drink caffeine free pepsi here, so I indulge everynow and then and let the kids have some. When visiting family, they only had regular. i said they couldn't have much b/c of the caffeine. It makes you crazy. now everytime we have fizzy drink (not that often mind you, once a week) they ask if it will make them crazy! or freak out it the other has a proper mouthful. "stop, don't drink too much, it will make you all crazy"!
Loving you blog and projects. You've been bookmarked! lol

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