Thursday, August 27, 2009

bee's new nightstand

again, not new... but newly cutened. We started with Bee's old nightstand, which used to by my sister's night stand. I like this little stand because on the back you can see when it was painted. My sister painted in a rainbow of primary colors in 1997. I painted it sage green to match the guest room in 2003, then repainted it the blue we have now in 2004 to match the baby nursery.

I slathered on some modge podge and topped it with some scrapbook paper.

The bubbles had me worried, but they fell overnight and really weren't a big deal. Also, we used it for the bottoms of the shelves so stuff sits on it anyway. Here it is in Bee's room. I really didn't spend much time arranging the items on it, she moves them around all the time anyway. She can't sleep without that ugly fan... wish we could find a more actractive one. Here's how we made that lamp.


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

very cute, and a great use for scrapbook paper. I may use some old wrapping paper for a similar shelf.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Now thats one bee'autiful night stand..hehe~

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