Friday, August 14, 2009

We are here...

We are here in our new town. The moving truck is gone, the garage is full of boxes. Hubby and I worked to get the necessary boxes (marked with red tags to show that they needed to come right inside to be unpacked first) unpacked. It is important for all of us that we not tumble over boxes and live randomly out of boxes for the next few weeks since we have been doing that for a few weeks already. The kids stress level seems to be down already.

We are not sure if the house we are living in right now is the one we are going to buy or if we should go elsewhere. We had friends in FL with an empty house in our new town (coincidence?) and they are kindly letting us stay here. Their house is growing on us like crazy! There are lots of opportunities for projects. In fact, everywhere I look there is a project to be done (and something that needs cleaned). My dad is coming Friday today to take a look around and tell us what he thinks. The yard is fantastic and the neighborhood is great. It has all the room we need and a great sewing room! The kitchen is tiny, but the stove heats quickly and bakes so evenly. It's begging for some homemade bread and I think it will get it this afternoon.

This morning we are headed out to find a library since most of our books are in boxes in the garage. We are also going out to a you pick vegetable place to see what they have. We are arriving at a fun time for gardening... the picking!

Unrelated photo really, but it makes me happier than the garage full of boxes.

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