Thursday, August 20, 2009

recycled magazine beads

Here's a fun 'green' project. This has summer camp written all over it and I think that's the first time I remember making these magazine bead necklaces. They are super simple to make and can be made with different sized holes based on what you wrap them around (a tooth pick for little holes, best for big kids and thin string, a pencil for big holes, best for little kids). Just cut slips of paper, rectangle or long skinny triangles. Make the width of the shape the width of the bead. Cut them a few inches long. Roll the paper slip (starting at the widest edge) around something round (toothpick, rod, straw, pencil, etc) and then use a little elmers glue or modge podge to seal the last inch or two and you are all set. Slide the bead off the pencil and let it dry. When you have a bunch, you are ready to start stringing. These photos are from our friends birthday party. They used this as a craft for the kiddos to make.

I like how our friend used hemp string, which comes in varying thicknesses and is nice and stiff. the end doesn't fray either when little fingers are jabbing it into the bead. Also, she tied round beads onto the ends so that kids could add their paper beads without worrying about them slipping off the other end.

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SUPER stinking cool!

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