Saturday, August 22, 2009

Letterbox in the woods

There are so many letterboxes in our new town, which is exciting because it's a great way to learn our way around and find all the good parks and fun spots. Our first find here took us to a nature preserve not far away.

They had an amazing nature center totally geared for the kids. Bee and Lou spent an hour there and I had to drag them away when it was time.

They have 6 miles of trails. Hidden on one of them is a fun letterbox which we found in a hallow of a tree several paces off the trail.

They host a toddler program with stories, games, songs, and a craft. It was really a quality program. I have seen some average kids story times, but this was great.


Anonymous said...

You have found a lot in a very short time. Have you started making doughnuts yet? gma

Lisa said...

Totally NEAT!

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