Saturday, August 29, 2009

yummy stuff- peaches and donuts

The orchard we have found not only grows apples, but they grow peaches. I didn't intend to buy as many as I did. I turned my back for one minute and Lou poked his fingers into over a dozen ripe peaches. So we ended up with a bunch of peaches, all needing to be eaten right away. This situation called for a peach cobbler. I only have a peach cobbler recipe using canned peaches, so I searched online and decided to use Paula Deen's recipe. The kids always cook with me but this time I made them their own little set of directions with pcitures to help.

The peaches cooking on the stove made the whole house smell like a bath and body works store!

I don't know what happened to my picture of the finished cobbler, but it was pretty tasty. Sorry, it's not even worth posting really, except that I wanted to share the cooking directions I printed up for the kids. I am trying to make sure that I incorporate print and encourage reading as much as I can. Bee is learning letter sounds and is on the verge of recognizing and beginning to sound out words.
One another yummy note, we have discovered the The Donut Bank, a local donut shop (they have 8 locations) that is world renown for their delicious hand made donuts. We have lived in the area 10 days and have been there twice! They are really light and fluffy and just so good... good grief, I might send hubby out for some right now! When my dad was visiting, we got a big box and had a party. Everybody got to taste all of them. We all really liked the regular glazed and that spinny wheel looking one that is sorta left of middle.
We are attending church this Sunday with our neighbors and they tell us that they serve these donuts before church. If that won't get people there, I don't know what will.


Lisa said...

How cute is THAT?

Chris said...

mmmm... fresh peaches!

Anonymous said...

That was a lot of work but Paula Deen has some good recipes. Sounds like a lot of sugar. I make a fresh peach cobbler by using the recipe for a pie. Just butter a baking dish,slice the peaches,stir in some flour and some sugar, then put pie crust on top. My favorite things are peach shortcake or peach ice cream. gma

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