Monday, August 24, 2009

Dinosaur Art for Lou's room

Lou wanted a dinosaur bedroom. I used to teach an awesome unit on dinosaurs so I had lots of posters, books, toys, models, etc. I thought it would be fun to incorporate these into his room. One of the cool things I had in a model of a t-rex tooth and one of a claw. I found a cool way to display them on the wall. I also used the same method to display the dinosaur fossils that we made during our dinosaur day a few months ago.

First, I dug through the box of frames that haven't found their new home yet. Then I went to the stand by, modge podge and gave the cardboard a thin layer.

I laid some fabric (an old cloth shower curtain) right on top and smoothed it out.

Then I trimmed it up and slid it into the frame. I didn't even wait for it to dry.

I think the wet spot from the modge podge should dry out fine.

I used the other old stand by, hot glue, and attached the models and two little labels.

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Anonymous said...

Another fantastic project finished. Good job. gma

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