Friday, August 21, 2009

Here in Indiana

We are settling in... you can see the garage floor, meaning that we have cleared a lot of boxes out of the garage. I am learning my way around Evansville. I was happy to discover that we have a Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and a Hancock Fabric. I also found out about a sewing guild that meets 1-2 times a month. I will be attending their next event. Our neighbors are super friendly and both work in school administration so we have had a lot to talk about.

Family has been asking for photos of the new house. No rooms are complete, but I will share a few of my favorite spots... (No rooms will be complete for some time... this is a work in progress)

We've been spending a lot of time outside in the huge (for us anyway) yard.

I don't know who is more excited about having a climbing tree... it might be me.

The kids were promised a trampoline as soon as we had a yard large enough for it. This bribe wasn't my doing!

This is my favorite spot. The living room is a rectangle, it's a little hard to arrange the furniture, so the couch is a tad close to the fireplace. I think we'll have to move it when we have a fire this winter. I have my shell project on display as well as some other treasures we picked up at the beach.

This is the 'bar' in the basement, the kids craft supply area. I love having the supplies all in one place and out of the way, but easily accessible. Across from the cabinets is a bar where the kids can do art projects. I can supervise and pass through supplies as well as clean up in the little sink here.

Here is a cubby shelf in my sewing room. I love having all of my cotton fabrics out available and organized. My fleece, felt, scraps, satin, etc are on the opposite wall. They are in tubs on shelves. My pile of projects in process are on top. There is a skirt up there that I can't wait to get to.

Here is the kids favorite spot. They have been playing restaurant and grocery store for hours. It's just around the corner from my sewing room, so that has been convenient.

In other news, June Bug (new name) is using the litterbox now 75% of the time. Things are looking up for her!


Anonymous said...

Things are looking good. Do you have a Barnes and Noble? gma

Chris said...

Looks great! Excited to see you all Labor Day weekend :)

gardenmama said...

What a wonderful photo of you all in the tree!! : )

Katherine Marie! said...

I love how you made the BAR in the basement your crafting nook. That is great!!!

You are going to the LOVE LOVE LOVE the Indiana sweet corn. We just moved here a year ago, but it is divine.

Hope you enjoy your beautiful new home and all that IN has to offer.

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