Tuesday, August 25, 2009

from the orchard to the table

Hubby's parents were in town for a few days to help us fix a few (of the many) things on 'the list.' We all got so many things done! I am amazed at how handy the boys are. We decided to pack up a picnic and go to the orchard for some apple picking. When we got there we discovered that the actual 'open season' is not until next weekend. The owner took pity and let us go down and have a picnic and play in the orchard anyway. We ate and picked more apples than we knew what to do with.

(We used our stamped apple napkins)

When you have that many apples, I think a pie is in order. I found a random recipe online at Joy of Baking and tried it. It was a lot of work and took hours to make, but it was delicious. We even had a little vanilla ice cream on hand to add to the top of our pie. yummy.

(My bowl overfloweth... I bought this really fun bowl from a guy at our old church (five houses ago). He travels out west every winter and collects wood. When he gets home, he spends all summer spinning them into hand turned bowls. I chose this one because of all of its character. He told me that he almost scrapped this one because of all of the 'character'. I have enjoyed it so much.)

(getting ready to go into the oven, I wanted to make sure that had a picture, just in case it burned or something. You can see our yummy dinner just came out of the oven, Stromboli sandwiches)


Anonymous said...

Yum O. I can imagain Bee picking apples as she does flowers. She wants them all. gma

Lisa said...


Yummy looking apples and pie!

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

dinner and pie looks really good! I refuse to make pie dough bc it takes too long, I always use the rolled frozen pie dough. Very jealous of fresh apples, though. I didn't think they would be ready this week!

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