Monday, August 17, 2009

welcome Roses Scratches

Bee was promised a kitten once we got settled in our new home. Nothing says good parenting like a little bribery! Really, the intended purpose was for the kitten to act as a diversion, helping her not to miss friends in FL. I am not sure that I would say we are settled, but we did go to an adopt-a-thon for the local animal shelter Saturday and found our kitten. We knew that we wanted a female and hubby and I really thought it would be nice to find a tortoise shell like we had when we were first married. She is cute and is currently going by the name Roses Scratches. We aren't saying it's official, since it's an awful name, but it's what the kids have come up with. She and our boy cat, Ellis, are still feeling things out, but I think we'll be fine.

It should also be noted that Bee has spent a good deal of time in time out since Saturday for locking the kitten in her room, holding the kitten after we told her that she HAD to put the cat down because she surely has to potty at some point, and for chasing the scared kitten. Oddly enough, she seems to be the only one of us who has gotten scratched.

EDITED TO ADD: If you know of any tips to getting Miss Scratches to use her litter box, I would appreciate it. I have had several cats and never had an issue with them not knowing how to use the litter box.... ARR.... Nothing says fun like tracking down the smell of poo.

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Rebecca said...

My roommates and I once adopted 4 kittens from the same litter, and were having litter box problems, too. Turns out there's a pecking order to using the litter box, and some of the kittens would not use it until the other dominate kittens did. Maybe Roses Scratches is waiting for your boy cat to use it, or to give permission somehow? Good luck!

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