Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome new readers

You can find me two other places this week on other's blogs. ABC and 123 did a great post on tea party activities and shared the tea party birthday party Bee's friend had, the Fancy Nancy Party we went to and our felt tea party snacks.

Floral Showers posted a picture of her table tent a while back. I found her through One sweet thing. I commented on her site about our table tent and she decided to share our table tent play house with her readers too.

So if you are here via Floral Showers or ABC 123, welcome! If you are new here via some other path, welcome to you too. If you are here because you are related to me... which may be most of my readers- hi and thanks for checking in with us!

Stay posted, I will be doing a giveaway in a few days... not sure what yet, but I did say I would once we were unpacked and settled. The last box was unpacked yesterday!

Unrelated photo, but, kitty does have a new name. We are calling her Chloe. She has the sweetest temperament and lets the kids carry her all over. She didn't mind being in Bee's baby sling at all! This picture almost makes me forget about the large vet bill from yesterday's trip- of course we adopted the one kitten with an upper respiratory infection and a scratched cornea (not to mention her dislike for the litter box)!

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Teresa said...

It's been fun flipping through your site- you are very creative-
Have a wonderful day-

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