Sunday, August 9, 2009

cars on the floor

This idea is all over the blog world. With good reason, it's a fun one. I picked up a white shower curtain at the dollar store and laid it out on the floor. I taped two markers to a water bottle to make the roads. I turned the kids loose with a box of sharpies.... mistake? I was a little concerned, but they were in their jammies so I wasn't too worried. We added their favorite shops, parks, and neighbors. I raided the recycling box and found some oatmeal containers and we turned those into tunnels. The kids played for some time... enough time for me to pack a few boxes.


Sara said...

I made giant games like this for my kindergarten classroom before becoming a SAHM this year. I had one that looked like a giant keyboard for them to "type" their spelling words, a hopscotch for rainy day play, and a beanbag toss game that they had to tell me what the letter/number was that they landed on. I never thought about making a road though!

steve said...

Cool way to make road with two sharpies & a bottle.

Wow Sara sounds like a cool teacher too. I never had creative teachers when I was young.

Best Craft Blog said...

This is such an adorable idea! Where have I been? I haven't seen this anywhere! =)


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