Tuesday, August 18, 2009

shell project #2

Our new living room is getting the same beach treatment that we had in FL plus a few little new additions. I shared this first shell project (which has a new home on my mantel) a few days ago. Here's project number two, a little shell nightlight. I saw this one on Martha Stewart's website and knew we had a great selection of shells to choose from. It went together in just a few minutes and looks really nice.

I tried a few different shells but decided on the sand dollar.
I needed to build out the light a bit so that the sand dollar didn't rest directly on the bulb. I found a little piece of thick craft foam paper and hot glued it on. Then I covered that in white ribbon since it was lime green.

Then I just found the nicest positioning for the sand dollar and glued that on too.

It lights up the hall really well, important since two little people keeping finding their way to our room in the middle of the night.

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Anonymous said...

When my children were about the same age as yours, we also covered night lights with shells. They made great Christmas gifts!
-Aunt Donna

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