Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fantastically awesome font idea

I am a font junkie, I love to have fun funky fonts for creating things. When I saw this website, font capture, on one of the blogs I follow, Fifth Wizardy I literally ran downstairs to the printer to get started right away. It has provided me with lots of entertainment. I made my own font and apparently I have rockin cool handwriting, because my font is pretty neat looking. I am having Bee work on hers this afternoon. It may take us a few days as the boxes are a little small for little hands.

Speaking of online entertainment, my sister showed me this site online and it provided some good giggles last night. It's not a kind website per say, but humorous. Another one she told me about a few month ago is this. Also funny... also not really kid friendly.

unrelated photo... but here is our kitty, Clovers. She found the empty apple bowl and made a nest.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the website your sister gave you!

Love always,


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