Thursday, September 3, 2009

from the attic- picture frame to a calendar

When I saw this calendar on Nanny Goat, I knew that I was going to make it and I new exactly what frame to use... except it was packed away. I had to wait until all the boxes were unpacked, because of course it was tucked away in just about the last thing to be unpacked. After I made it, I found a bunch of stuff in the attic of our new house including a larger frame that was even better. I switched the old frame into a memo board and turned the new frame into the calendar. It was one of the few things from the attic that I didn't list on craigs list under the heading FREE random JUNK from the attic.

Anyway, here's the idea. You take a large frame, remove the glass and stuff inside the frame. On the piece of glass, use a permanent marker to draw the calendar squares. On the front of the glass, you write on the month and dates so that you can change it. I used permanent marker for this as well. I found that tea tree oil removes it well. For the daily activities, appointments, etc you write on it with dry erase markers. Behind the glass, you lay a piece of light fabric or fancy paper. Then you frame it all up again.

I don't think she mentioned this, but I did a pattern for the calendar itself on the cardboard backing first. It was a smart move for me since my measuring was off a bit the first time.

Here is my first one... a little crooked on the lines. Good thing I found another frame.

The first frame was turned into a regular dry erase board. It's in my sewing room for the never ending list of projects to work on.

Here's the second one which turned out better I think. The frame is bigger, allowing the squares to be bigger, which I appreciate. I backed it with a light yellow gingham fabric piece from the curtains in Bee's baby nursery. It is hanging in our mud room right off the kitchen.
So thanks Nanny Goat for the great idea. If you haven't been over to their blog, it's a really fun one with lots of cute ideas. I sure enjoy myself there!


Anonymous said...

We use whiteboards all the time. I love to use as many colors of markers as possible. Things that are left on the white board for some time are impossible to get off, even with the cleaner that I buy from office supply stores. Does the tea tree oil clean old writing? Please reply by email.

Love Always,


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

i never would have thought to make a new whiteboard!
a fellow teacher uses nail polish remover to clean her whiteboard of stains - not very green, but she swears by it.

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