Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quick dinosaur project

Here is a super quick and easy way to add a touch of whatever theme you have for a room. We had two of these wooden boxes from target for some extra storage. I think you can now buy similar boxes at several stores. When Lou had a baseball room, I picked up two of those thin wooden pre-painted cut out shapes from Joanns and painted the words "diapers" on one and "wipes" on the other and we stored our cloth diapers and flannel wipes in them. He is a bog boy with big boy undies and a dinosaur room so these boxes needed a change out.

I looked for new wooden shapes for his dinosaur theme, but the only ones I found were super cartoonish and in baby colors. Instead, I googled and found some cool dinosaur images. I printed them out on regular paper. After cutting them out, I modge podged them onto the wooden crates. I did not label the boxes this time since I am not sure that we will continue to store in them what we are storing now. Either way, this has the trifecta of crafts, it was easy, quick, and cheap.

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