Wednesday, September 30, 2009

stuff I'm going to steal... I mean ask for

When we were at Hubby's parents place last time I spied some things in the garage, and barn that I am going to steal, I mean ask for... They have been in there for a super long time and I think they'll be ours for the taking. Look at these gems.

An old coal bucket:

This table was from my mom's old garage and then we used it as a kitchen table when hubby and I were first married. It's been in storage in the garage for some time.

This frame is shouting for some paint and a new job. That tennis racket might be fun too...

This old wooden tool box up in the rafters might be the best find (not the best picture though). Father in law said he got it in a trade from a guy who had him do some work and then couldn't pay him the full amount. It was once full of precision instruments.

Here's one of the drawers and the only instruments left.

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