Monday, September 14, 2009

two shirts to a skirt with tights

This is the last day for the giveaway. I will randomly select a winner when my kids are napping today after lunch... hopefully naps happen today!

I am all about using the shirts and such from my 'to remake' pile. I spied this great idea at Make it and Love it and Bee and I started digging through the pile. I think I like the look of Ashley's so much more than how ours turned out because I used two solids. I now see that I like how she has one that is patterned. Next time.

Her directions are great and as always, so easy to follow. I did my waist a bit different but either way it was pretty easy.

Bee doesn't like the shirt, because she isn't going bowling, duh. I'm not crazy about it either, I think because it's yet another solid. It will be nice though for her to have a warm skirt to wear to preschool since she said she is only going to wear skirts and dresses to school this year and people keep saying how they think it's going to be a 'cold one' this winter. great.


Anonymous said...

Great picture. I am overwhelmed by how clever you are at remaking things.

Love Always


Lisa said...


Ashley said...

Turned out so cute. Thanks for the link!


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