Sunday, September 13, 2009

off to re-letter box

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I am blaming this on that silly new (ending up to be expensive) kitten of ours. When we were at the vet last week I broke a pen in my Vera Bradley bag. There was a bottle of alcohol on the counter, so I doused the spot. I got most of the ink out. When we got home I took everything out of the bag and washed it. Apparently I missed one pocket because when I took everything out of the washer, I kept finshed little pieces of paper. AHHHH! The letter boxing books! I lost all of our four years of letter boxing. Bee wasn't the only one to cry!

Luckily, the letter boxing website keeps the records of our finds so at least I can put that information in our new books. Now we are off to re find the 7 boxes we have tracked down in the past three weeks. I guess next time we are in FL, we will have to go looking for those boxes too. Luckily only one of the boxes is someplace I wouldn't mind going again.

We even dragged my mom and sister around all labor day weekend to letterbox.
Sometimes we get to go to fun spots in the woods:

Sometimes it's more urban areas:


Anonymous said...

What a shame. Try hair spray for ink spots. It works for me. gma

Anonymous said...

We started letterboxing 2 years ago and our family loves it! Great family time!

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