Thursday, September 24, 2009

Halloweens past

We are on the road right now. I wasn't sure if I'd have time to write or not, so I have written up some posts to have scheduled just in case. If you are reading this, then I haven't had a chance to write. I am working on a new felt project, so I might be doing that instead.

I am already in serious Halloween planning mode. I love Halloween. Once we return from our road trip, I am going to start assembling the Halloween costumes. Bee's preschool doesn't do Halloween. The preschool director asked us to really think about it and the message it sends. Yep.... I think I just like an excuse to make costumes! Here are some Halloweens past.

Here's Bee's first Halloween. She is a bee and I am the bee keeper. We went to the Halloween party at my school.

The next year we went to my school's Halloween party as a monkey and a banana (a pregnant banana). I have a Chiquita sticker painted on my shirt but you can't see it well here. People kept thinking she was a lion.... yep, a lion and a banana.

The next year, we had two trick-or-treaters. Lou is a potato in a potato sack. We got lots of compliments on this last minute costume. That's his regular sling, I just painted and safety pinned on the Idaho label.

Bee was Madeline.

Last year, Bee was Cinderella and Lou was Gus Gus, her pet mouse. My mom made the dress and I made the mouse costume.

This year we have a wanna be fairy and a wanna be pirate. Those should be fun!


Lisa said...

SUPER cute! I love the tater sack!

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

love the costumes! our school has "christian character day" rather than halloween, so that we can avoid the devil holiday, but kids can still wear costumes. Only the costumes have to be a christian person.

Katherine Marie! said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL your costumes... the sack of potatoes is absolutely brilliant. Can't wait to see what you do this year.

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

That bag of potatoes costume is awesome! All are super cute. Thanks for linking them today:-)

Audrey said...

As a babywearer- I LOVE the potatoes costume. So cute!!!

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