Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Loopy Leaf shirt

I saw the link for the loopy leaf shirt from Family fun on One Pretty Thing over Labor Day weekend; a shirt that we also made last fall. I did want to make sure that I blogged about it this fall. After the wind we had last night and the the amount of leaves on the ground, I'm unofficially announcing it fall.

Last fall, Family Fun Magazine featured a cute shirt with a loopy little fall leaf. Bee and I got right to work making our own version. Ours was short sleeve of course since fall is still summer in Florida! The leaves don't actually fall off the trees until February, and then it's only a few types of trees. By March, it's pretty and summer again. We also have three leaves since we couldn't decide on only one fabric. The top turned out pretty cute and we submitted it to the 'readers share' section of the magazine. This was in November. By March, we were in the magazine. I didn't realize how much in advance they work at magazines! It was exciting for Bee and even more exciting I think for me! I have been getting Family Fun since freshman year in college... imagine how cool I was to have that delivered to the dorms!

Oh, I miss her cute little short hair cut... She thinks she wants long hair.


Anonymous said...

Cute picture and cute top. I also like the "twirller" dress.

Love Always,


5 orange potatoes said...

That's fantastic, I bet she was thrilled to see herself! She's a cutie!

Lisa ;)

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