Saturday, September 19, 2009


Bee's preschool is doing Aa next week so we are sending in some acorns. There is the worlds largest oak tree in our back yard. It's pretty and very 'fall' with the acorns and such, but those little boogers hurt when you step on them or when someone mows over them and they shoot out at you! We did a fun day of acorn activities in co-op preschool last year so hopefully Bee's teachers will come up with some activity to use them for.

Here's the fun little baggie Lou and I whipped up. He's such a good sewing helper. He sits on my lap and mans the reverse lever.

Not bad for one evening of collecting.

I stuck my hand in this while collecting... yep, they bite. They are some kind of ant, but they were crazy about carrying some little larva to safety.

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