Thursday, September 10, 2009

my funy kids

Over Labor day weekend, my mom and sister came to stay with us. We had a really fun time and tried some new recipes, hopefully I will get those posted tomorrow (with my giveaway item). We had three days worth of outdoor activities planned, but we had two full days of storms. We did get out to the nature center and to do a little bit of hiking.

I want to share two funny stories. When my mom and sister arrived, Lou was already in bed for the night, so although we told him, he did not see them come in. In the early morning, Lou came into my room to lay with me and hubby. He was pretty excited about something and kept saying "Two mommies, my two mommies." This made no sense and I told him, "no silly, you have one mommy and one daddy." He was pretty determined and kept repeating himself. When we finally got out of bed and went into the living room, I found my sister sleeping on the couch. Her dog had her up a few times in the night and her sleeping arrangement in Bee's room didn't work out. She had slept on the couch for the last few hours. She told me that a few hours before, Lou had been walking through the living room on his middle of the night trip to my room and spotted her on the couch. Apparently thinking it was me, he climbed right up and snuggled with her and slept a few hours there. When he got up and came to my bedroom, he thought I had been laying with him on the couch. When he saw me in bed as well, he thought there were 'two mommies'. That explained his persistence. I laughed about this all day. silly boy.

Second story is Bee. This weekend she said, "mommy, I like to say words that 4 years old girls are not allowed to say, but I don't know any... will you teach me some?" The truth is that she is not allowed to say the word 'stupid' and one of the new little girls that she's been playing with this week has said it a few times in front of her. She gets big eyes and just looks floored each time. My poor sheltered girl.

The photo is just a recent hiking picture. Bee is afraid of spiders so hiking with her has been difficult as she insist on riding!

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