Monday, September 7, 2009

Schultuete- Bee's off to school

Our baby birds flew out of the nest this week. Bee is off to school too. I hope mama bird is faring as well as I am, seeing her little ones growing up. Bee's just in preschool and it's just 3 days a week. I welcome the time with Lou and Bee's chance to make new friends. We went for the first day Wednesday and the family got to stay. Friday, she's on her own.

We are starting a new tradition at our house, giving a schultuete for the first day of school. It's a German tradition. I'll have to ask my mom if she got one a little girl, her parents are both German. I used scrapbook paper to roll a cone. I taped it shut, trimmed the top into an even circle, and taped in some tissue paper. Her prize was stuffed with some new hair bows I made, a new pair of cute socks and a bottle of sparkly finger nail polish. She was pretty excited, as she didn't know this was a gift giving event. She was slightly disappointed when she opened it.... I guess she was hoping for Polly pockets or something equally fun. Socks usually aren't as exciting for kids. Maybe next year.

I did make her a new dress for her first day of school, but the sun came out and it was too warm. She wanted to wear this dress that I made in the spring. It's her favorite and she was hoping to have some twirling time at school. I said that I didn't think anyone would be twirling. Funny, the preschool director was talking to her about her dress and asked if she would twirl for her. Bee has told everyone about twirling for the teacher when she has told them about her first day of school.


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I love that dress! I've got some twirlers in the house too. Thanks for stopping Almost Unschoolers.

cherib said...

I teach preK and Kindergarten and I can't wait now to ask my girls to "twirl"for me when they wear their pretty "twirling type" dresses. Little did I would MAKE THEIR DAY so special!! :)

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