Friday, September 4, 2009

2 boards- chalk and magnetic

The kids have been playing school just a bunch lately. I think it's the excitement of Bee starting school this week. Lou is pretty sure that he gets to go too. Not this time buddy. He came to co-op preschool last year and he gets to go open house tomorrow, so I guess it would be hard for him to tell. I'm going to blog about our 'school' area in the next day or two. One of the things that is getting a lot of use is our chalk board. I painted three coats of chalk board paint on a thin sheet of wood. I didn't paint it right on the wall since we had super textured walls at the time. I am glad that I didn't do it anyway since that was 5 houses ago. This one has traveled with us.

Here it is in our last house, in the kitchen. That's been a great place for us to have it, so little people have a little something to do while I do dishes. We painted a little box that we picked up at Joanns to hold the chalk.

Here it is in our basement school are. I see that one of our posters is falling down. I'm going to write more about our school area soon. I can't wait to paint these walls!

This frame was in the attic. It had some lovely white tail deer in it... I saw it for the frame. Our new kitchen is so small that I didn't want 'stuff' on the fridge. The kids have lots of fridge toys and they needed a home. I have seen the magnetic paint around and decided this was the time to try it out.

I bought a similar sheet of wood and gave it the directed three coats of magnetic paint. The directions say to give it one top coat of a regular wall paint. I did, but one was not enough. The magnetic paint is black and the paint I selected was yellow. I didn't want to compromise the strength, so I left it at one coat. Then, when I inserted it into the frame, everywhere I touched the yellow, it seemed to scratch..... I don't know.... The kids play with it just a little and at least with their magnets on it, it covers the flaws. I think it will look better when I paint the walls, I just can't decided what to do with them.


Mama King said...

Very cool! Wish I had room in my kitchen - we've got a space issue too. Glad to see you are settling in nicely to your new home.

By the way, I LOVE your profile picture of you and the kids in the tree. I hope you have one blown up and framed in your new home. It really is a great shot.

Anonymous said...

hmmm---I have always wanted to paint a wall with magnetic paint. I have seen it where they covered the black with several coats & I think it worked. It might be something to practice with a scrap piece some time. Also, maybe if you had lightly sanded the black with sandpaper or steelwool (clean off with wet cloth before painting) it would have "etched" it a bit & the paint would have bonded better. Again, it would be a good thing to practice with on some scrap. If either of these work,you could touch up what you have.

Love Always,


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