Monday, September 21, 2009

This weekend and a wedding

We learned this weekend that my Grandpa had mere days to live and Sunday morning he did pass away. I don't think I could at all put into words how much he was loved and simply adored and how much he will be missed. He was a fantastic story teller, amazing craftsman and made friends wherever he went. We will be traveling early this week to be with family and while it will be a difficult time I do look forward to seeing everyone.

Sharing a wedding might be an odd way to follow that news, however such events remind me how things carry on and people start new chapters everyday. I know my family reads my blog, so I hope not to come off as insensitive. My grandpa's story came to a close of sorts and two young people just began the best part of their story. It's just more bearable right now for me to share about the happy event of the weekend.

Hubby's cousin was married this past weekend. Bee LOVES weddings so we drove the 7 hours each way to go in a road trip we are calling the "how many times can we stop to potty in one hour" trip. It was a lovely outdoor wedding wedding at the park.

Lou and I blew dandelions during the wedding, good wishes for the happy couple I'm sure:

Bee watched everything so closely:

I might have taken as many pictures as the actual paid photographer.

Here's the bride with her dad. He is actually hubby's cousin, although his daughter is closer to our age.

Bee met a friend. The two little girls watched as the bride and groom did some things outside before coming in to the reception. The think they are already dreaming....

apparently we've both been working out:

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Anonymous said...

Great picture of you doing your dance. Let me know where you have been working out. Your toughts about Grandpa touched my heart. Love you so much, gma

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