Thursday, September 17, 2009

easy apple recipe

I was going to add this to yesterday's post about apple things, but it was getting pretty long. Here's our favorite quick and easy apple related recipe. It's a dip for eating fresh apples. It makes a lot so we usually end up eating it also on bananas too. Some of us have been known to eat it on ice cream too, just saying.

My friend Rene used to bring this sometimes to mom's lunch bunch in IN before we moved off to FL and they moved off to NC. She's such a lovely, honest friend and one I really miss! I'd link you to her blog but frankly, she hasn't updated it in months! hint hint Rene!

Apple Dip

1 carton caramel apple dip (in the produce area)

2 small cartons of vanilla yogurt

crumbled walnuts, handful

mix the caramel and yogurt well, top with walnuts. Serve with apple slices.... or ice cream

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