Wednesday, July 8, 2009

rainbow jello

I saw this recipe for layered jello and knew that the kids would love it. When our friends were in town, we made this rainbow jello. Ours did not turn out quite as professional as the one pictured, but it was cute and really yummy. The layers were super thin, as you can see in this first photo. The recipe calls for 8 boxes of jello and I only used 6. I thought maybe the measurements were wrong or maybe the pan size, since the layers were so thin. But, you could not have fit any more than 8 boxes in a 9x13 pan so all the measurements are right.

Two other things to note: It is really important to get the cream cheese, sour cream, whip cream mix blended up really well, as you can see I have lumps since my cream cheese was not blended well. Second, you can see that I have a hole in the green layer. This is where I poured the next layer. You really have to make sure that the previous layer is set up well and the layer you are adding is cooled well and you pour gently.

It was cute and I do think I will make it again. I will take my time a little more next time.

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Anonymous said...

I have found pouring the liquid on a large spoon helps instead of pouring on the set jello. gma

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