Tuesday, May 12, 2009

crunchy granola

We are pigging out on some delicious granola. Our friend and neighbor Korin gave me the recipe so we lovingly call it 'korins granola'. Korin said they just call it yummy granola. It's really is so good. It makes a large amount and luckily freezes well. We love to eat it plain, with yogurt, ice cream, and with milk as a cereal. You can add whatever dried fruits or other nuts you want. I am not a nut fan, but really enjoy this as is.

Korins granola
1 c honey
1 c oil
Heat honey and oil until just before it boils- add to

5 c oats
1 c sunflower seeds
1 c instant milk powder
1 c wheat germ
1 c sesame seeds
½ c flax seed meal
Bake 250° 20 min

take out of oven, put back in large bowl. Add:
1 c raisins
1 c almonds
1 c coconut
Bake 250° 10 min


Mrs. Cline said...

YUM. I love granola, and this sounds like a really great recipe. I just bought some strawberry & banana granola, which makes me think that if you bought dried fruit, you could make ANY kind of granola, right?!

I will definitely bookmark this page to come back for the recipe!

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

thank you for the recipe! I love granola in the morning, but it's really quite expensive. we can't get all the ingredients in Mexico, but I'll make it once we move home.

Susana said...

LOVE granola! Thanks for sharing this!!

Jenny said...

We love granola around here, but I have never tried making it. I need to since we pay at least $6 a bag. Looks good!

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