Friday, May 15, 2009

well, that was easy- peanut butter

I got caught in a long line at the meat counter one day and ended up looking at the 'homemade' peanut butter that my grocery makes in the deli area. I liked that it only had one ingredient, peanuts. We enjoyed the peanut butter on our PBJs and used it once in making cookies. I checked out the other 'natural' peanut butters in grocery store to see what their ingredients were. Since most contained only peanuts, I decided to make my own. I probably should have googled it first, but I just put some peanuts in the food processor this morning. At first it just made chopped peanuts, and then ground peanuts.

I decided to keep going.... and low and behold... and few minutes later, we had peanut butter. Apparently, it was just that easy. I didn't know. It's pretty good, hubby won't eat it, but the kids begged to lick the spoon. Next time, I'll add a bit of honey, flax seed meal, and wheat germ as I blend it. I saw those were the ingredients of one of the natural peanut butters in the store.

All this time Jiff had be thinking I had to buy peanut butter.... Now, I'm inspired to try my hand at making butter!

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