Saturday, May 9, 2009

The zoo game

We have a game we play at the zoo. I made up cards with animals on them that we would see at our zoo. I actually just went to the zoo's website and selected animals from each area and printed them out. I give the cards to the kids one or two at a time and they search for that animal.

It started with a similar grocery store game where I hand out one or two cards with pictures of food items. Bee and Lou then search for that item. I order them before we go so that they are in order that we would find them in the store.

We recently took picture along the trail where I like to jog. I will be making cards for them to look at with items to hunt for while riding in the jogging stroller. I will try anything to buy time so I can get a bit of a jog in. We photographed a park bench, trashcan, dog water fountain, light pole, basketball court, bridge, etc. I hope to report later that this game entertains them long enough for me to get a nice workout in... we shall see.

Also at the zoo today, Bee wore a shirt I made last night. I actually did not make the shirt, just applied the fabric flowers and ribbons over some many stains that were on this shirt. I also applied one of the flowers to the back of these jean- turned jean shorts. I realized pretty quickly that I made the ribbon leaves a bit too big, she looped her fingers in them most of the morning and one even pulled out.

What do you do to keep your kids entertained on shopping trips or in waiting areas? Do you have any sepcials games you play?


Chris said...

the shirt is super cute! and she looks thrilled to be wearing it :)

Wendy said...

What a creative way to make a scavenger hunt out of a regular "chore" like shopping. If I can do something to make my littlest one stop running away in the store I'd be happy!

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