Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It doesn't get any more girly than this... seriously

really... this is about the most girly party ever. Our little neighbor friend turned three and had a tea party birthday party. Bee and I walked over for the party and Daddy and Lou came over about halfway through, as to not infringe on the girly atmosphere.

The girls dressed up in lovely costumes, decorated hats with ribbons and flowers, they ate little sandwiches cut into shapes with a cookie cutter, decorated cupcakes (baked in ice cream cones), and really just had a girly good time. Most drank tea, my Bee drank several cups- good girl. The little felt desserts we gave as a gift as well as our nice children's tea set were used for decoration.

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Katherine Marie! said...

HOW MUCH FUN IS THIS??? What a delight. With a house full of boys (and one girl!) I really really need to host a party like this. Thanks for sharing this inspiration!

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