Friday, May 29, 2009

fancy fancy

Bee and I had another girly day. Our local bookstore had a Fancy Nancy party for little ladies in out community. It was exquisite (that's a fancy word for great). About 35 ecstatic little girls showed up, most dressed up Fancy Nancy style (ecstatic is a fancy word for excited). I was the only mama dressed up and Bee was the only one with Posh Puppy with her, but we are just fancy like that. The girls played a fancy bingo game, went on a scavenger hunt for different colored rose petals, listened to a Fancy Nancy story, and had muffins for snacks. They made a few crafts- decorated paper plate flowers, decorated paper bows, and decorated paper sacks with stickers, crepe paper, and ribbons. Bee and I even made a new friend who we plan to get together with to have some fancy summer play dates.


Anonymous said...

Is there a book, "Fancy Nancy"? Some of these pictures remind me more of Chris. gma

Beth- the mama bee said...

It's a book series

Gabrielle said...


Thanks for your entry over at SWB. We read a lot of the same blogs, COOL!

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