Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bee's art

I have two budding artist on my hands. I am one proud mama when they show me their newest creations. Bee's art has in the past few months taken such a step towards recognizable creations. When we studied the development of children's art in college, I couldn't wait to have kids and get them creating. Here is a sample of Bee's art over the past three years.

I started with her first work where she told me that it was a particular subject, an elephant and a chicken. I was really excited and told everyone that she was drawing animals. Several months later, here is a kitty. You can see the roundness that is the face and then several lines that are the whiskers.

There really was little change for the almost a year. Here is the first family portrait (apparently she left her brother out) and the first of her faces collection. Just a few weeks later, her faces had so much more detail. I can't explain the idea of a scary guy with teeth to eat people, except that it was Halloween and things are supposed to be scary?

More detail, more elements in the 'mommy and a bug' piece. Separate head and body in the 'kitty princess.' The cat is wearing a gown and a crown. So much nicer than the guy with teeth.

Here, we see people with limbs and with a purpose, this is "dad". It's very portrait style, showing daddy with the appropriate hair. Finally, "4 friends jumping rope". This is just this week. I love this. It's mommy and Bee and two friends playing jump rope and shows people in action. We have clothing and hair and even ears. There's even some depth, Mommy and Bee are closer and the friends are in the back.

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Chris said...

I love the last one! Are those bows in your hair? Hannah is obviously very advanced with her art. I just put my art stuff away from this semester, but I want to dig it out now to analyze all of her work and see what stage she is in. :)

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