Sunday, May 31, 2009

lovely garage sales

I really love going to garage sales! The kids seem to enjoy it as well. I'm always on the lookout for sewing supplies, vintage fabric, art stuff for the kids, kids clothes,and cool stuff that I didn't know we needed but for 25 cents is a super deal. The kids and I make it out about twice a month. This area is great, because of the warm weather and heavy population, there are garage sales everywhere, every weekend. We have a little three mile square that we drive around and always find more than we can go to.

Today we found less goodies than normal, I bought an unopened kids art kit for $1.50 and a used one once acrylic art set with nice brushes and a pallet (I thought it was watercolor) for the same price. I also found three sealed boxes of 50 clear page protectors for $1 a box. These were on my shopping shopping list anyway, so I was pretty excited. We almost ended up with a little fish tank, but since the tarantula incident of 2003, I must run all new pets by my hubby first. This was reiterated by the snake incident of 2004. ooops.

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