Tuesday, May 26, 2009

activity books

I saw this idea for little activity books over at 4 crazy kings and marked it for another day. I keep waiting for these ad booklets to come in the mail again, but last night I decided to just go ahead and make one on fresh paper. I actually ended up making 3! Bee is crazy for them now! Here are some pages from the activity book I sent her to bed with last night. We ended up with folding, finish the picture (flowers, princess, clown, house, bear, pumpkin, cake, balloons, tree, window), matching (socks and fish), mazes, and connect the dots (I tried some with letters and numbers but that just confused Bee).

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Mama King said...

I love them! I am going to try the matching and finish the picture! Thanks for posting and giving me more ideas!

So glad Bee loves them :-) Although you may find yourself having to make a ton of them. I was thinking of making some and photocopying them! To keep up with my daughter.

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