Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mail's here

Yesterday I mentioned our felt mail set. I worked on this silly thing for hours last year at Christmas time. I liked how it looked, but it has not help up as well as I had hoped, one trip to preschool and several of the velcro pieces had come unglued. We love to use this with our table fort. I used felt (the soft and the stiff kind) and then stitched on words and designs. There are a few postcards, several stamps, name labels, a package, a couple of envelopes, and a mailbag.
All of the stamps and name labels have velcro on the back and the envelopes and package have the opposite side of the velcro hot glued to them. Our issue is that the hot glue doesn't hold the velcro on well since the kids are pulling on the pieces to separate them. I can't sew the velcro to the package since there is a cardboard 'core'. any ideas?


Lesia said...

You need to sew on the velcro, with reinforcement under, before applying the felt to the cardboard.

Katherine Marie! said...

I'm in love with your mail set! It is sweet sweet sweet. I had one made for my daughters birthday a while back (since I can't sew) and all my kids love it!!! Are you going to sell these in your etsy shop? I think they would make SENSATIONAL gifts. I'm working on putting together a family mail center next. Isn't pretend play the best?!

Your ideas are incredible.

Hippie4ever said...

You could try tacking the velcro down with invisible thread and an upholstery needle, since the felt is already attached to the cardboard.

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