Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our crafting area

I wanted to share a picture of our crafting area. With each move, I get it a little more how I would like it. I have one change for the next move. The kids are getting older and making more 3D artwork, so we need a little black shelf to hing up by our black frame art display area. I have 8 black frames with no glass hung on the wall. Binder clips hang from the nails and I can easily display and change artwork. It is even easy to change the frame from a horizontal to landscape or vice verse to meet the needs of the selected artwork. The wooden cabinet was a freebie I found out by a neighbor's curb. I took the beat-up doors off the front and hung a little tension rod. I used a vintage table cloth as the curtain (my Grandma may recognize it). The cabinet houses all of the kids crafting supplies. We have a kids table from Joanns with three chairs (I broke the fourth standing on it when I was pregnant with Lou, apparently they do have a weight max). I let the kids color and paint on the table and chairs so it has a rather creative finish. I had intended to paint it myself, but couldn't decide what to do...and the kids decided for me. This house had a light fixture hanging right above where our art table is, it made it the perfect spot.

What do you think makes a good crafting spot? What do you like about your area? Anything you want to add to your space?

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Mama King said...

Wow looks so sunny and organized! What a great place for crafting! Thanks for passing on the link :-)

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