Friday, May 1, 2009

Congratulations Mrs. Rabbit and Mr. Raccoon

The second Bee woke this morning, she asked if we could sculpt some creatures out of clay. I had some clay in a tub in the closet and after digging it out, we sat and created a bunch of little forest animals. I had been saving this sculpey since probably jr. high, a saving issue I have mentioned before. This clay is fun, it doesn't dry out (at least over 16+ years) and is pretty hard after baking for just 15 minutes.

After baking and cooling, we painted using water color paints. The clay recommends acrylic, but I am more fond of watercolor when little ones are involved.

The figures turned out great. They have been in weddings all day. Mostly Mrs. Rabbit and Mr. Raccoon just like to get married with different characters in the wedding party. Mrs. Rabbit's parents, Turtle and Mouse, are supportive of this inter species marriage and everyone seems happy for them. Frog or Owl often perform the ceremony and Snail is often the flower girl. Several animals have lost their tails due to a rough and interested Lou. I would still like to say a happy wedding day to Mrs. Rabbit and Mr. Raccoon.

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